Parquet floor sanding is an important plan of the floor restoration or also can be recommended separately by your local Hampstead experts, in order to get rid of the worn finish and scratched surface.

In fact, in both scenarios sanding is amazing and beneficial option not only to create a significantly more attractive look but also for the overall condition of the construction. Parquet floor renovation is recommended for older installation experiencing a lot of wear and tear and high traffic and for newly fitted parquet blocks, in order to prepare the surface for the application of sealants and colour pigments.

How We Approach a Parquet Floor Sanding Project in Hampstead

The process has the potential to restore the beauty of your wooden floor by removing all the scratches and dents, smoothing out the surface and by preventing wood from cracking. In addition, sanding refreshes wood the way it allows parquetry blocks to revive their porous structure and get more adaptive to the environment and its components such as sun rays and humidity. Also, you can’t neglect the fact that sanding will open these pores and the finishing products will soak successfully, adding additional durability and solidness.

Why We Are Your Parquet Floor Sanding Company in Hampstead?

What you have to know while you are considering a parquet floor restoration service is that you own a unique piece of flooring in your home or office. Parquetry is a mosaic type of installation, allowing the fitter’s creativity and your own style to lay the woodblocks in complex and beautiful patterns and compositions. This pretty much means parquet floor fitting and sanding are of the most complex and detailed jobs in our branch, requiring a lot of experience and skills for one single reason – the angular installation of the blocks in different directions. Most of the sanding teachers tell us how to sand the floor straight away, most of the sanding machines are made with the same purpose, however sanding in small portions and in different directions is not exactly the idea for an easy procedure like a piece of cake, so the smartest option is to hire professionals. Our experts have more than just education, skills and the right tools.

The people working for our company are highly talented and we believe their inner creativity and passion for working with wood is what drives them to be the best in the industry, allowing them to provide you with the best solution. It will be sad if we don’t use this potential and spirit the right way, so we match their advanced and professional working style with the highest quality equipment and products, and that way we can bravely guarantee the best old parquet restoration experience in Hampstead. What we think is the best? From one side, we believe the best is to follow the core values in the business, so our services are orientated to the highest quality, timely and affordable performance, no-mess and dust-free promise, professionalism and competence. On the other hand, we believe the best depends strictly on you and your own requirements, so we are ready to hear your ideas and needs and provide you with the best parquet floor sanding service in Hampstead.

Years of Experience and a Great Portfolio of Wood Floor Services in Hampstead

We are sanding specialists, but in some cases, you may need some additional help, including repairs of floors in poor condition and we can also offer you that. We highly believe our services are not only one straightaway process but the full care package in order to achieve the desired outcome. What you can expect in addition to our parquet floor sanding service is:

  • Gap filling – A service, dedicated to filling non-structural gaps with high quality resin fillers and leaving the surface uniform and smooth.
  • Repairs and restoration - We will give you our honest recommendation for repair services if there are deep dents and scratches, penetrating through the top layer, also loose or broken blocks. We can replace them and find the perfect match.
  • Wood floorboards replacement – for broken spots and blocks, which can fit no more due to moisture effect and so. Our spot repair service is better than replacing the whole floor.
  • Wood floor refinishing – The perfect finishing touch after sanding, because wood’s pores are open and the products will adhere better and achieve flawlessly and even coverage and durable protection.
  • Wood floor staining – Enhancing the natural beauty of the wood species’ colour or adding a new and exciting shade to your favourite wooden floor and achieving a more contemporary look.

Products Used for Our Parquet Floor Sanding and Refinishing Projects in Hampstead

Parquet floor sanding is perceived as a serious challenge by many experts in the industry. Indeed, being able to restore the condition of the floorboards without affecting the concept of the pattern and its integrity is not the easiest thing in the world and requires a lot of experience, knowledge, mastership. Sanding a parquet floor straightforward as you can do with other types of wood flooring is impossible because it means you are sanding against the grain and damaging the floorboards. Therefore, make sure that your parquet floor sanding project is left in the reliable hands of reputable experts like the ones in our team. Along with utilising contemporary and innovative methods and equipment, we also rely on premium quality products for refinishing the parquet floor. Following are a few examples of the best products we will use for your project and for achieving really flawless results.

  • Bona Mega – a waterborne, polyurethane finish designed for both domestic and commercial use. Available in extra-matte, matte, satin, and gloss.
  • Bona Traffic HD – a two-component polyurethane finish designed for commercial use for high-traffic and heavy use areas. Available in extra-matte, matte, and satin.
  • Bona Classic Primer – a primer for light wood colouration. Suitable to all types of wood and wood flooring.
  • Bona Prime Amberseal – a waterborne primer for intense and rich colouration of the wood.
  • Bona Prime Deep – an oil-based primer for enriching the natural grain and pattern of the wood.
  • Bona Prime Intense – a waterborne primer for untreated wooden surfaces and for producing medium to the rich colouration of the wood.
  • Bona Mega and Traffic Natural – A high-quality lacquer for all types of wood and for producing durable and hard-wearing protection.
  • Junckers Strong Varnish – water-borne, polyurethane lacquer with hard-wearing properties and great durability.
  • Junckers BasePrime Primer – a quick-drying primer for water-based and solvent-based lacquers.
  • Junckers PreLak Primer – a fast-drying, water-based primer for water-based finishing products.
  • Junckers HP Commercial – a hard-wearing, water-based polyurethane lacquer for commercial use.
  • Loba WS Easy Prime – a polyurethane-acrylate waterborne primer, easy application, fast-drying.
  • Loba WS Viva One-Component Lacquer – designed for solid wood and parquet floors.
  • Loba WS Fusion Two-Component Lacquer – Designed for the treatment of busy and high-traffic areas, for commercial use.

Make sure to contact us on 020 70360625 whenever you have additional questions about the services we deliver and for requesting a free on-site inspection of your wooden floor.