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Wood floor sanding is essential part of the whole wood floor restoration and maintenance process. It is the wood’s structure which experiences some changes a certain time period after the initial installation or the last treatment done. Due to the impact of the environment, including sun exposure, humidity, etc. or the impact of the people such as high traffic, daily use and the cleaning system, wood gets dull, worn and distressed in different levels with time. No matter how strict you are looking after your wooden owning and how proper you clean and treat it, it is a natural process for the wooden floor to experience wear and tear and your smartest choice will be to book wood floor renovation.

Floor Sanding Will Bring Back To Life Your Old Floor

The sanding method has the potential not only to restore the initial beauty of the natural wood but also adds durability and longevity floor’s structure tend to lose when time and everyday use leave their traces. Refinishing floors is usually recommended for older floors, no matter what wood species they are made of, in order to remove their top layer of already worn and dirty finish. In fact, not only the top layer could be worn and distressed, depending on the age of your installation and the way care of it, so the damage could penetrate also through the finish and affect the bare wood underneath. It is common to find deep scratches, dents, gaps and stubborn stains, which neglected for longer are able to lead to major and serious issues.

The sanding method will prevent the floor from future problems by removing the causes and creating an extra smooth and even surface. The many benefits and best features of wood floor renovation are, in fact, undisputed, however amazing results are achieved if hiring a highly professional and reliable experts. We know finding the best floor sanding company in Hampstead is not that easy with such a wide choice on the market. What we, at Floor Sanding Hampstead can promise you for your project is expert, respectful, affordable and no-mess performance of every service, including solid wood, engineered flooring and parquet floor sanding. Our professional floor men can also sand your stairs and banisters or help you with your old fireplace removal. We take the challenge to achieve flawless results at engineered wood floor finishing because it could be really tricky, the reason for that is its specific structure with the real wood surface.

Outstanding Floor Refinish

After completing the floor sanding process, wood’s pores will open and soak the finishing and protecting products, which application is recommended next. The quality finishing products such as oils, lacquers or hardwax are great because they will not only protect the surface from scratches and wearing out, but also penetrate through the whole structure and make it more solid and stronger. This is the reason sanding and sealing is also recommended for newly installed and unfinished wooden floors. These procedures need someone with perfect skills, someone that has the right approach for every specific type of wood. A professional floor sanding company will be able to choose the perfect finish for your project, our floor men have certified training for high-quality finishing products, so they understand the specific way how the timber will react to the different type of sealants.

School Floor Restoration Like No Other In Hampstead

School floor renovation requires good planning because it could be done mostly during the holidays or within limited windows of opportunity. Most of the specialists are scared of working with restricted time and budget for commercial projects because they lack the will or the experience to do so. We on the other hand, as dedicated school flooring contractors, can provide tailored floor restoration services for really quick and efficient results. Our experienced team is using dust-free Bona sanding equipment and durable floor finishing products in order to provide the best school flooring services possible. Floor Sanding Hampstead are also offering discounts and free advice for projects like school floor sanding and few if any can match our craftsmanship when it comes to flooring services for schools.