The list of benefits why wooden floor are preferred in commercial building is long and only to start we will mention they are beautiful, durable and solid, easy to maintain and clean, hygienic, make good impression to the clients and visitors, make the whole atmosphere cosier and with the variety on the market today – you also have affordable alternatives. So it is pretty common to find solid wood, engineered or parquet floors in commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants and bars, schools and universities, showrooms and offices, etc. No matter if it is newly installed or is passed to you from the previous owners, you have to know with time wood has this character to experience some changes, not always positive. Due to the impact of the environment, including sun exposure, humidity, etc. and due to the impact of people such as high traffic and everyday use, a wood commonly experiences transformation, which in long-term and neglected can grow into major issues. To prevent that your best option is hiring commercial floor sanding experts and exactly that is what we at Floor Sanding Hampstead suggest you – counting on us for your commercial projects.

Let us share with you a short list of the most common reasons, which can make you consider purchasing commercial floor restoration. Although we strictly follow the idea every project is individual and the most precise expert opinion can be given after site visit (we offer you, actually, for completely free) and closer inspection, we also believe we can guide you with this short list. Commercial floor sanding is recommended in case:

  • The finish and the surface of the bare wood underneath have worn patches or is completely worn.
  • You can notice discoloration.
  • The wood is thinner, uneven.
  • There is a squeaky noise. There are loose planks, blocks, spots of the installation. There are loose nails.
  • There are scratches, dents and gaps – the deeper and bigger size they are, the more you are in need of a sanding service.
  • Your construction is newly installed, however not finished with products yet.
  • You are planning a wood floor staining.

Floor sanding has, in fact, the potential to transform old and worn wood into eye-catching and vibrant. The additional sealing will add extra durability and solidness to its structure and make it last you for longer. Sanding will also prevent the wood from cracking, breaking and major issues, which usually end up into expensive replacement and remodelling. Finally, sanding is good for preparing the surface for staining, because it will smooth out the top for even application of colour pigments since they can highlight every little imperfection.

If you already wonder why to choose exactly our company for your commercial floor renovation project and why we are the best in Hampstead, it is because with us you will get not only the benefits of the sanding process but also the benefits of a professional team, strictly following your busy schedule requirements and recognising the demands of the commercial project. Feel free to contact us for additional information you can request on 020 88309782 or through the contact form you will find on our website.