Floor sanding is a great way to make your old floor look new and beautiful. The aesthetical benefits are undeniable because all signs of wear and tear, like stains and scratches, are carefully removed in order to uncover a perfectly smooth and uniform surface. On the more practical side, floor renovation not only enhances its appearance but ensures it lasts longer. A finely sanded surface will make it hard for dust or dirt to build up because a levelled and professionally filled gaps will leave little room for this to happen. This means less frequent and easier cleaning.

We have dedicated a lot of effort to provide the best possible sanding experience for its clients. Wood restoration requires skill, patience, and preparation - All of which are qualities we possess. Domestic or commercial, parquet, engineered or hardwood is irrelevant because we are specialist fully capable of handling all floor renovation related issues. Hiring professionals like us will save you time and money while guaranteeing excellent dust-free, timely and affordable services.