Engineered wood floor sanding is considered as one of the most challenging jobs in the flooring branch. Many companies in Hampstead even don’t offer it in their sanding services list simply because it can be difficult even for the experienced and well-trained technicians to perform in at least properly. We can’t accuse them, because of the specific structure and character engineered comes with, which makes dealing with it pretty time consuming, too precise and detailed and overall, not preferred against the easy like a piece of cake wood sanding for example. Well, we don’t want to scare you if you are already an owner of an engineered wood installation or you are planning to purchase one.

The benefits of the material are countless and we will mention only a few of its best features – engineered wood looks exactly like real wood, but more durable and solid, not that sensitive to the environment and high traffic, with great installation flexibility and a lot of longevity. However, engineered wood if a manufactured product, made from glued together layers or lumber material or plywood and a thin top layer of real wood, topped with an industrial finish. The industrial finish added is high traffic resistant and hard-wearing, however with time the surface of the floor get worn, distressed, scratched and dull and here is where our engineered wood restoration service will help you. If you are Hampstead based, be sure to contact us and request a sanding appointment and we will surprise you with no-mess and timely performance and amazing prices.

Although, at Floor Sanding Hampstead we like to say we always offer an individual approach to any project and we love previously to discuss with our clients the specifics and requirements of their project, there are a few main steps we follow for every engineered wood renovation, in order to create flawless and sleek outcomes and here they are shortly:

  • Before starting the project, we want to make sure we provide the perfect preparation. Well, the sanding method will significantly improve the condition of your installation, however sometimes certain repair is needed. In case we find squeaky and loose planks, in case we notice the wood adhesive starts to lose its power or there are deep scratches and gaps, which threaten the wood to start to crack, we will fix them and create the perfect sturdy base for the upcoming services.
  • The sanding method itself will remove the worn, dirty and dull top layer of finishing product and if the bare wood’s surface underneath is too damaged and scratched, we will treat it also. Engineered wood planks have only 3 to 9 cm thick top layer and sanding must be really precise and light and also very professional to avoid a recent need of more treatments since the planks can’t be sanded too many times.
  • Finally, when the pores of the wood are already open after sanding, our experts will recommend you sealing and staining, if you consider, because this is the right time for application. The sealing products will not only add the effect of your choice on the surface and make it resistant to damaged and high traffic but also add extra durability and solidness to the whole structure.

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